Midi Link Sync back in the app store!

I've tried to find midi link sync for about a month or so only to find it was gone from the app store. Sunday I tied one more time...and bam! There it was.. .99 cents.

I have been trying to use link to midi..another app...to setup an iPad/beat maker setup and a Yamaha multi pad that has an internal sequencer. But there was much drift after about a minute and a half.

Now......holy crap! 5000 bars testing in a row....SOLID. This is bm3 master with link on into midi link sync spitting out midi clock thru an I connectivity4 din jacks.

I had read about an outstanding issue with link drift and bm3 so I thought this wasn't possible...but it is. I guess it must be inter app related? It just seems that link going out from bm3 to m l sync ...and that would seem to be inter app?
My dream hybrid drum kit for live maybe coming to fruition. Thank you to the developers of beat maker 3! And this knowledgeable forum:-)



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