How to play different drum samples on different midi keyboard keys?

Hi! I am completely new to BM3 and wonder how I can play different drum samples from different keys on my midi keyboard, connected to the Ipad? By default, after having loaded one of the factory kits, the samples are played in different pitches, when hitting different keyboard keys, rather than selecting different samples for every key (like the default behavior in any DAW when using a drum plugin)


  • I don't have my stuff hooked up to confirm this, but I think you might need to set up your keys in focus actions to trigger pads. You probably want to use one midi channel for pads and other midi channels can be used for keys like you're currently experiencing. You want that kind of functionality when playing an instrument or synth vs drums across multiple pads.

  • You dont need focus actions, you can change the input type on the bank itself between single and multi channel, single channel is default which would be what you want, just go in to preferences and turn off omni mode, it should work then ;)

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