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I have a question... It may be a kind of silly but... are you planning to develop a full application for Mac, I mean like a regular program to use in our computers instead of an ipod? I think it may be great...


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    There's lots of standalone appz that do what beatmaker does, but without any of the limitations. You should check out Reason, Ableton live, The Native Instruments Suite, FXpansion GURU, and even a few new ones were shown at NAMM. If you're on a windows machine I'd also suggest giving Fruity Loops a try. Don't let the name fool you; it's SUPER POWERFUL.

    What intua needs to do is implement a wifi midi sync so we can use with desktop appz and DAWs. As beatmaker stands now, I am perfectly happy with it.
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    even better, buy an MPC !
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