iVCS3 Full AU Instrument Support?


  • Cool, but even thinking about programming the VCS3 makes my head hurt

  • @tk32 lmao I l know right? I always want to use it because it sounds amazing but the UI is scary lol

  • I dont own it, does that pin matrix zoom as you hover over it or something ?

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    Programming isn’t that bad once you get used to it. The UI is unique though after a time you start to realize some controls are similar to ARP and MOOG. The Pin Matrix takes the place of cords routing signals on modular synthesizers. Checkout Hazel’s 5 iVCS3 tutorials to get handle in the app. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVvchC6JfFh_A5VGSpYQyw

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVvchC6JfFh_A5VGSpYQyw>; @5pinlink said:

    I dont own it, does that pin matrix zoom as you hover over it or something ?

    Hold your finger down over the matrix and it expands up. Here’s what it looks like expanded on my iPhone 6 Plus:

  • Looks like fun to play with - NOT!!! I know Hawkwind used this on Silver Machine and it was pretty popular with prog rockers. By the way, just teasing with my first my comment lol.

  • @TONBOGIRI said:
    This is going to be amazing. Both instrument & FXs AUs, hopefully. Raw, raw, raw, & nasty It's been at the top of my wishlist forever.

    KQ MiniSynth modular AU is also getting a big update with a bunch of new modules. Wish it would get the FX AU though. Bland-sounding compared to iVCS3, but ultra-low CPU usage & price. Reliable too.

    Great news on KQ MiniSynth update. I haven't been able to get MiniSynth AU to record or respond to parameter changes and automation. Do you know if this is included in the update?

  • @TONBOGIRI said:
    @philowerx I didn't see any mention of that in his recent video:

    Most of our communication gets lost in translation, so I was planning to ask a relative who speaks Japanese to help with that. iceWorks too.

    Thanks! His other newer app KQ Dixie the DX7 emulator does record and playback AU parameter changes. Hopefully he'll get around to the fix for MiniSynth soon. Love iceWorks apps too! Such unique sounds.

  • IceWorks really need to sort out the sizing issue, I stopped buying their stuff after getting Mersenne, which is a great synth, standalone it fills the screen nice, small view it swipes left and right to view all params, extended view which is near enough exact same size as standalone, zooms and you still need to swipe, really poor UI design, actually makes extended view a hinderance because when zoomed there are less controls visible :(

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    I haven't used their apps in extended UI mode before. In regular non-extended AU mode they look fine and only take a single swipe to view the other half on my 2017 9…7" iPad. Are you using extended mode on an iPhone?

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