BPM Sample Detection & More...

Hi. I've been a Beatmaker user since the first version... was a beta tester (for v2). I'm absolutely loving this version, but I'd like to ask for 3 things:

  1. BPM Sample detection... why? cuz many sample libraries are not well detailed/described and there are lots of loops that I have that I have no idea what bpm they are so I end up not using them.

  2. Custom Scales - Like for example what Animoog allows... it's a real treat to use this.

  3. A better way to navigate large sample libraries... i'm on a 256gb iPad Pro, and I transported all my samples to BM3, that's how much I'm liking the app so far... I've used category and subcategory tags on all my files (really hard work)... I hacked it... but to be honest the file browser is a pain... I like the idea to use tags... but maybe have more? Or at least a Desktop App where we can visually order things... a Desktop App that also allowed us to make instruments or pad banks would be killer, there used to be a hack somebody made for v2, but something for this version done by Intua would be best.

Thanx 4 listenin'


  • 1 It does detect sample BPM, mostly not that well though lol, I'm guessing you mean a visual indication of the BPM in the browser maybe ?

    2 There is an indepth request for this in the request section somewhere, definitely a regular request, personally i want a chord track as well that the arranger can follow.

    3 The file browser is the best on IOS, there is not that much that can be added, however tags are not the file browser and tags are terrible to be honest, a complete copy of Maschine should have been done there.

  • You’re right bro, I mispoke... the browser is great... the tags function is what I’d like to see reworked.

    What do you mean it detects bpm? I’ve searched the manual and to be honest i cannot find how to.


  • When you load a sample in to the sampler, Click on the BPM and you will see options for detecting tempo

  • If you know the number of beats in the sample, and it has a clean number of beats, then set that, and the BPM is calculated. That’s the way I usually go about it.

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