Battle 14 - Electro Swing (deadline: 11 Nov)

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The theme of this month's battle —as chosen by our reigning champion @mefisme— is...

Electro Swing

Genre definition (wikipedia)



Sunday 11 November.


  • This is an anonymous battle, so all tracks must be sent to 5pinlink so he can assign a letter and hide all credits before uploading to Soundcloud.
  • All tracks must be assembled in Beatmaker 3. You can use sounds and stems from other apps, and we don't mind if you master the track using other tools, but it must be built using Beatmaker 3 to qualify.

How to submit your entry/entries:


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    Just some resources at the internet archive and other searches that may help provide some inspiration. I’ve tried my best to find resources that are free to use. These will most likely be .mp3s which you will need to convert in BM3 using the the file manager.

    Balkan counts BTW so search those too. Will try to add more as I find them.

    If anyone has other resources, please share. Thanks!

    YouTube Audio Library: (Then search swing)

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    Type public domain films in to Google, anything 50s and back will generally have a collection of swingy stuff in it, and any vocal samples you use from that era of films should have a nice vibe for this stuff.

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    How is everyone coming along with their Electro Swing battle tracks?

    I did my first export today so I could listen to the track's progress away from the iPad (a very important part of the creative process, imho)

    I would love to hear any other non-spoiler news from you guys.

  • So is this battle still happening?

    Please say I'm not the only one torturing myself to death with old swing music loops.

    For those who don't know.. unfortunately our reigning champ @mefisme has had to take a short break from the forum, but we hope he will be back with us soon. :(

  • Pretty sure the wrath of calm is entering (@ronji) he was wanting to post a WIP, so we changed back to non anon, so he could, and he never posted it anyway, not sure what his caper is hahahaha.

  • I won’t have the time anymore, though my fingers are itching a bit now. I’ll try to get something done for the next one (if that’s still happening). Not into chat rooms, so I probably missed a lot 😏

  • Next one will be the chrimbo compo i think ?

  • I did post a lil teaser video in discord, you just missed it =) It seems that only @GusGranite Actually noticed! On that note, Gus did say @tk32 And I inspired him to get working on a submission. So hopefully we end up with at least 3 submissions. Mine may not be completely finished, as has been my plight these days.

  • Here’s a cleaner WIP tease (the one I posted in discord was a Snapchat video). It’s really not much yet. It only sounds cool cuz the original source tune sounds cool pitched up to match with my tempo =)

  • Thanks =D

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    48 hours to go battle-buddies!!

    Don't let our buddy @ronji take the Win by being the only entry.

    I'll certainly be trying to steal a few of his votes (no offence Ron)

  • None taken @tk32 =) from what I heard of your WIP, you've definitely got me beat on technical merit alone, and you've got more interesting melodies in the mix as well!

  • Under 24 hours to go.

    I think we're just gonna post entries ourselves (via Soundcloud/YouTube) once they are ready.

  • I prefer wavs if possible, so i can put in the battle soundcloud.

  • Ok, in that case, let's share Dropbox WAVs

  • Ok, here goes..

    I scrapped my previous attempt, and made this today, on a rainy Sunday afternoon in London:

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    Unfinished but here it is

  • @ronji you pulled it off! The bass really anchors the cheeky chipmunks. Hell yeah ya hep! Nice one 👍

  • Very nice work, Guys! <3

  • 2 entries only :'(

    Probably not worth taking votes this month - let's be joint winners @ronji B) B)

    I suppose we should just chalk this month's lack of entries due to Beatmaker updates, hotfixes, work commitments, AB arguments, beta testing, cold weather and shiny new ipads (for a lucky few)

    Any ideas for our Christmas-themed battle?

  • I'll take a joint win, even though your tune is clearly the better one @tk32 =)

    My only thoughts on the Christmas battle is to keep it relaxed in terms of rules, like last year.

  • Don't be so modest @ronji - yours captures the fun of electro swing way more than mine. Love your bass hook :)

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    3 rd entrie!

    quick draw , unfinished but just for the fun!

    wonderful thing

  • Awesome work @koolkal! Really digged the vibe. Both you and @tk32 Put out some awesome tracks in short order!

  • Yeah, nice vibe you got going there @koolkal !

  • Enjoyed your entries 😊

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