Are some midi CC just limited to channel 1 ?

It stroke me while using Xequence with BM3. I noticed that using the pitch bending in Xequence only works on the channel 1 of BM3. I created a few tracks and set some midi CC for different parameters in BM3, which works, but the pitch bending only works when aiming the channel 1. I tried the same set up with Cubasis and Gadget, no problem, the pitch bending works for every midi channel. Because the pitch bending is part of the “midi chart”, like the filter cutoff in the CC 74, I can’t figure why I have this issue with BM3. Someone has an idea ?


  • Unlike MIDI CCs (7bit), 'Pitch Bend Change' is 14bit so may have something to do with limited bandwidth? I think it depends on the app, even though the specific MIDI channel is in the data that's being sent. I do recall some multi-timbral hardware synths with this limitation.

    I cannot test right now, sorry. 'Omni' receiving is off? Also doesn't BM3 only respond to these messages on the Bank that is 'in focus'? You said it works in other iOS DAWs, so could be a BM3 limitation/bug? I'll test later.

  • Thank you, I will try more specific tests too

  • Hi, I tested with 8 MIDI tracks from Sonar on my PC sending MIDI to BM3, all with pitch bend data. No issues.
    8 samples in 1 Bank, across Pads 1 through 8. Bank MIDI Setup: Mode: MULTICHANNEL (Where Pad 1 responds to MIDI Channel 1, etc.). Pad MIDI Setup: All follow Bank Settings. OMNI is off in BM3 Main Settings.
    Also did smaller tests with several iPad apps too, no issues. (I don't have Xequence.)
    How is your BM3 Session set up?

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