Scene mode as a live instrument

I’ve been experimenting with scenes a lot lately to see if I could use it as a live instrument.

I would like the ability to set a scene or pattern’s play mode like we do for a sample’s layer triggers and sample loop modes. Another thing that would make scene mode an incredible live tool is the ability to assign and trigger scenes and individual patterns with note on events.



  • Yeah, I was also experimenting with scenes while waiting for 3.1. It is really nice, once you get into it.
    You can trigger scenes with note on already, I think? Assign midi note on to the pads, have the pads in Scene mode, then trigger the scenes using midi.

    One thing I found odd with scenes is that tracks/banks can play from different scenes while we are in that matrix view of all scenes, but when you are in Pads view in Scenes mode, then it seems impossible to let a pad hit change the scene for that bank only (it changes the playing scene for all banks, to the scene in that same matrix column). Shouldn't there be a setting where one may choose between these two options? Sorry for the clumsy description ...

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