Information on Using the ES-8 with BM3

I had a copy of KQ Dixie running as an AUv3 in BM3. I noticed that the ES-8 seemed to be automatically sending audio out of channels 1 and 2 which is good. However, I am sending the audio from BM3 out of the ES-8, through a hardware vcf and I wan't to either send a trigger out of the ES-8 on channel 3 to a hardware envelope generator or send an envelope from BM3 out of the ES8, so I can modulate the cutoff frequency on my hardware filter with that control voltage.

Are either of these possible?


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    B3 doesn't output CV signals, unfortunately there is no CV MIDI AU either (although that would seem to be a no brainer to me)

    You may find however that a very short sound or pulse will work as a trigger for that external envelope, that used to work on other DC coupled interfaces, so may work here too.

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