Samples missing???

Man. I don’t understand what the issue is with these “SAVE AS” projects with chunks of empty pads missing samples scattered about. Although accurately labeled with their copied titles, a good portion of them are nothing but silence.
Has anyone else been experiencing this???

I’ve seen the usual “BM3 cannot locate samples”, and attempt to find them via directories. But in this case, NOTHING!?! There is no warning, as if BM3 has assumed the silent samples are correct..

Am I doing something incorrectly? Should I be individually saving each sample, each pad, with its own specifically unique name? Honestly, I thought once you choose “SAVE AS” an entirely new project, the option of collecting all data/samples/banks/etc. CHECK options were to collect all of its data exactly as is??? Am I crazy??? Is that not exactly what those options are asking???

I absolutely LOVE this app. as it has been near flawless for creativite rough drafts, arranging songs, editing, mixing, performing, as well as HEAVY CPU load testing by stacking massive amounts of tracks/AuV3’s/IAA’s.
Truly phenomenal in comparison. Although extremely frustrating to loose hours and hours of work down the drain. Any help or insight to avoid this in further projects would be greatly appreciated. Or doesn’t it take snapshots of previous work?? Can anyone help explain the process of recovering??

I’ll attempt to recreate some similar “SAVE AS” projects and report back wether or not successful in resolving this issue...


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    Its worth watching these, see if you fell in to any of the pitfalls.
    They should give you a few ideas for safer project saving.

    Good housekeeping 1, Session files

    Good housekeeping 2, Samples

  • Yes watch those videos!!!

  • Oh my... man I stumbled upon a chunk of your videos, recognizing your name from the forum, but I didn’t see these ones. This works way more efficient than what I spent a lot of wasted time attempting. Thank you for your help.. greatly appreciated

  • Another satisfied user @5pinlink

  • Glad to help ;)

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