Big problem using scene

Since BM 3.11 I can’t trig scene from my external midi keyboard anymore.
I go on stage soon, and use this feature, to launch my sequences.
Can someone help?.



  • Just to be clear...

    Are you viewing pads in scene mode, or are you trying to trigger scenes from the scene editor screen?

  • Sorry , to be more precise I choose scene mode in pad view, and since version 3.11 theses scene pads doesn’t answer midi notes.

  • I've just been jamming like this using focus actions with a pad controller and everything worked perfectly. Sorry to not be more helpful here!

  • Just restart my full studio and iPad
    Everything works again.
    My studio setup become too complex for my little head.
    I will simplify my workflow to avoid this kind of problem.
    Thanks for you help anyway

  • Sorry for not getting back to you sooner jeezs.

    It sounds like you figured out the problem yourself. Great news!

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