Ruismaker Noir!

It's out now (should be spreading around app stores this morning), and running beautifully inside BM3 :)


  • Instabuy, of course. The perfect way to start a rainy Sunday. You bring so much fun to this world, @brambos!

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    Hey Bram, thanks for posting here.

    We've been singing your praises all morning in the Discord chat

  • @tk32 said:
    Hey Bram, thanks for posting here.

    We've been singing your praises all morning in the Discord chat

    I need to catch up with Discord! So many social networks to follow :D

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    Huge kudo's to @brambos for Noir ! It's SO GOOD. Make yourself a favor and hit the App Store now !

  • Best plugin on IOS !!

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    Mind blowingly great! Maybe not so much for people that have trouble breaking out of traditional modes, but for anyone looking for a mind-altering experience, this is tha drug u need!

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    This does great traditional drums ?
    Or do you mean the sequencer ? (Which i rarely use)

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    I meant traditional modes of thinking about how drum synths and sequencers work, that’s all.

  • It uses a very traditional analogue drum synthesis, with a couple of tweaks, Osc >> Pitch Envelope >> Amp >> Filter is pretty much every analogue drum synth around.

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    OK sure. Just a plain vanilla, run of the mill, drum machine that any noob familiar with FunkBox would immediately be at home with. Thanks so much for setting the record straight.

  • I do understand the point being made here.

    If someone new to iOS music making took a look at Noir, they would certainly scratch their head - and would not think it's main use was for drums. Although scratch a little deeper and it all fits togther in a fairly conventional - esp. if you've dabbled with the earlier Ruismaker FM

  • It follows the architecture of 808/909 etc, how is that not traditional ?
    Funkbox is just sampled kits.

    Are we discussing the sequencer ?
    I am kind of lost now ?

  • Eh. I don’t care about the subject enough to continue to engage. See ya.

  • I guess the biggest difference with traditional drumsynths is that it's essentially a monosynth (using a moderately conventional synthesis path) that's using pitch/velocity modulations to create different drum-hits instead of multiple separate drum channels.

    The way you sequence it (either internally or externally) has quite an impact on the actual sound of the drums. That may take a bit of oldfashioned tinkering to get accustomed to :)

  • Aaaaaah the modulations, got ya, sorry my mistake, apologies for misunderstanding you @number37
    I was just talking about the actual end to end signal path, yes you are right, it is very far from traditional in that sense and way more like modular ala eurorack.

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