CyMBoLiK ViBeZ - Self Immolation


  • Enjoyed this, real dark vibe to it.

  • Thanks bro appreciate. Most of May music leans towards a dark lofi old school hiphop vibe. The loops I find when chopping and sampling just always are the after hours version of lofi that’s just what comes natural to me and what I love Hiphop to sound like and what I can drum too 🥁👍🏾✌🏾

  • But yea This was the Beat I made on Halloween 🎃 so yea was is a Dark Mode 👻☠️🤡👹

  • Amon Tobin!

  • ? 👌🏾?👍🏾?✌🏾

  • A little too dark for me lol. I felt the beat was lacking a bit punch overall too. Good stuff with the textures though - they sound very organic.

  • Thx again yea my tastes learn towards dark melodic hip hop stuff and I always use samples from old orchestral records movies tunes etc. I love the lofi sounds and hifi bass and drums cuz drums should be a louder part and more expression and that’s a reallly big premise behind hip hop since it’s birth. I can tell instantly if anything with sound dope with a hip hop beat played behind it like most can when u know what ur listening for but I’d say my skill is very high for that seeing as I taught myself every I know about drums just by copying and drumming to songs I like so I’d like to think I have a great ear for finding loops etc but song structure and excitement isn’t the best but 808s and trap hats aren’t my favorite to play but all genres have their things that is always going to practice. Trap good for practicing quick fast high hat interval changes over down beats bass 808 kick and what not. Enough explaining but thanks for feed back and yes I am a little more attracted to the dark side over happy whatever lofi. Soft lofi it’s cool but hiphop is cool with that grime and grit. That’s just where I’m coming from.

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