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I’d really like to see a full screen file manager. May I suggest that the sidebar be used for navigation folders and the remaining screen be used for file work, tagging renaming moving etc. There’s a control at the bottom of screen allowing the pad to be selected and the sample to be loaded. It’s an unfortunate waste of screen economy in the current implementation.

Also I think the font can be brightened and shrunken in size, possibly made bolder. Perhaps controlling font size could be a user preference.

As awesome as BM3 is to be perfectly candid the file system is PITA



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    The file system is one of B3s most powerful parts, so full screen needs to be implemented carefully, just removing drag n drop for the sake of full screen for example, last thing we need is more features used by people daily being removed for the sake of another new feature.

    Like you say a dual side by side view, column for destinations (same size as browser is now) and fullscreen for files to the right of it, long tap a file and the full screen viewer collapses to allow drag and drop could be usable, this would also work for drag n drop in the browser itself, because the destinations column would remain open, full screen viewer reappears upon touch release.

    With fullscreen i would also hope that we would get an icon view, so sample packs from the store and user folders alike could contain a .png thumbnail that was viewed at the folder level.
    I would hope for this icon view for plugins too, for synth plugins the destination left hand column would be replaced by an AU preset list for the currently selected plugin, a short tap of either plugin icon or preset would load that plugin to the selected pad, tap and hold would again shrink the right hand fullscreen viewer allowing drag n drop.
    For effects plugins, the left hand column would remain the effects column as is now, with the full screen viewer out to the right to allow drag n drop to the effects column, presets would be vieweable when the effect was loaded, as is now.

  • That would be optimal for sure and that have been requested multiple times.
    Big +1 on that.


  • Ok you guys seem to get it then. Rooting for the winning team once more! Go Intua!

  • +1
    Yes! Awesome ideas @5pinlink ...and well explained.
    Great to see that you're digging it @mathieugarcia

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