Audio record in bank’s sampler

When Recordind audio in bank’s sampler with record mode set to sync.
In this mode if I cancel the record clicking the close icon.
Then next time I want to record in sync again the sync mode doesn’t work anymore and the start record immediately Instead of waiting the sync.


  • Click Stop first before closing.

  • Right but then the record is not cancel and create datas on iPad.

  • I did a quick video demo of this working fine for me but I had an upload error so I’m just gonna try and explain.

    Tapping the X does not discard the recording. You don’t see the sample on the pad, but the recorded sample is still stored in the recordings folder of the session. Additionally, tapping the X after pressing play in sync mode to start the recording doesn’t stop transport, so if you don’t stop transport before reopening the record window, choosing sync will immediately start recording if you don’t stop transport first. You can stop the transport in the recording window.

    I don’t know if this should be changed or if it makes enough sense as it is.

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