Complete Audio Crash

Hey guys. I've been experiencing an issue where the sound will completely drop out at random. With headphones in I'm getting full noise / static - without them the iPad just stop making sound at all until the app is closed and restarted.

It doesn't appear to be related to any function or bank in particular. I could have a loop playing or be working on the controller. First few days had no issues, then was tweaking some plug-ins on one bank and it started freaking out.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app, reset all settings and just now done a full factory reset - the issue persists. Any thoughts? Appreciate any help.



  • A couple plug-ins have been causing similar issues. Have you tried bypassing certain plug-ins? .. or deleting and reloading them? I had the same problem with DLYM for example, killed all sound until I bypassed or unloaded it. It'll work intermittently. @tk32 is running tests on plug-ins that are giving people problems if you can pin it down to one or a couple.

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    Yeah, I'm happy to test any plugin that users suspect as being flaky in BM3.

    @noctua - can you remember what plugins were in your track that had issues? If not, is there anything else you can describe about what you'd being doing prior to the problem starting? Are you using Bluetooth? Are you using large sample files? Etc?

    I'm sure others (such as @ronji and @5pinlink ) would gladly do the same if they own the plugins.

    Feel free to reach me on the Discord chat any time (I'll still report findings here on the forum so everyone can see)

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