Juniper issue

Hello. I purchased and download juniper synth but impossible to see it into the app. Does anyone have and idea how to activate it?


  • edited November 2018

    Hi @besyag

    Do you mean the juniper pack from the beatmaker store?

    If so, you just load the included banks as you would any you made yourself.

    By default the browser shows all the banks and packs you have in there (including any you've made yourself).

    When you're in the file browser, select the banks tab. At the top you'll see two buttons for, 'All Packs' and 'All Categories'.

    Choosing either one lets you filter by packs and categories respectively.

    You can select 'All Packs' and all the available packs appear below. You can choose one or multiple and it'll only show the banks contained in those selected packs.

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