Ableton Link - Fixed for anyone?

After the 3.0.11 update Ableton Link now stays relatively usable for 20 bars instead of 12 now, but for me that's still useless.

I read a post (from mathieugarcia) about Ableton export being pending waiting for the Ableton API for integration - could this be the case for Link? I can't see any other reason for this never working when $5 apps work perfectly with it.

Can anyone clear this up - I'd still love to use it (owned for 15 months and still gathering dust!)


  • A lot of people tested it as working, whats your set up, maybe we can recreate it and make a video of the issue for the developer to see.

  • I've got an iPad Pro 10.5" 256gb

    I did send an audio file to them last year but happy to do a video - very simple to hear the problem.
    (I sent details of how much it was drifting per beat in milliseconds too :-)

    I'm using a lot of different music apps - some are tighter than others between themselves, but they NEVER drift like BeatMaker

    Where should I send the video? Love to help get this fixed

  • Post the video here in the thread

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