Limited keys using midi controller

I apologize if this is a super basic question, I tried searching extensively for an answer, but I am not sure how to technically describe the issue as I’m very new to Beatmaker 3, and iPad DAWs in general.

In trying a couple different keyboard controllers with any polyphonic bank, I can only hold down ~6 keys. When pressing the 7th, the first note stops playing. E.g. with Beatmaker Grand Piano, if I play a C-major scale starting on C4, holding each key down, when I get to the B, the C drops out. This doesn’t seem to be an issue if I use the pads in BM to play the scale. I don’t notice this with Auria or GarageBand, so I suspect it’s a setting I need to tune somewhere.

This is on an 11” iPad Pro with a Hyperdrive Solo USB-C hub. Thanks for any insight!


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    Welcome to the forums @gorbster

    At first glance (I'm away from my iPad this moment) It sounds like the banks in question have polyphony set to 6.

    Sometimes banks impose a limited polyphony by default because it can really help those using older, slower devices.

    Try opening the bank, switching to the waveform view, and checking the polyphony setting in the bottom-right area.

    I'll be reunited with my iPad shortly, so will post again once I've been able to check my own facts.

    Cheers :)

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    Yeah. My hunch was correct.

    I've just opened the Grand Piano bank you mentioned, and it's set to 6 polyphony by default.

    See below (apologies for the bad photo, I'm on a train)

  • By the way...

    I just realised this Grand Piano suffers the same reverb issue as the upright bass one (as reported by @blueveek recently)

    It has a reverb loaded in the Audio FX chain, but the dry mix is set to 0%.

    This is a bug! Set that dial to 100!!

  • Thank you @tk32! I knew there was a setting I wasn’t seeing. I found the dry mix pro-tip for the Grand Piano the other day - thanks for that as well.

  • Like I said in it'd be really good if we could update those packs to properly handle the reverb dry/wet mix. @mathieugarcia how can we do this?

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    You can fix your purchased pack by making the adjustment and then saving the bank. That said, I suppose it should only be this easy for the store copy to get fixed too. I believe the 808 science CLEAN bank still needs its sample mapping fixed as well.

  • Yeah, I'm worried about newcomers or first time purchasers that don't have the patience of coming to this forum :) I'd be dissapointed if I knew nothing about BM, bought some sample packs to try it out, and they sound like crap.

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