Midi to External Hardware synths

Best as I can tell, this is a documented feature (documented as it’s in the manual) that doesn’t work in Beatmaker 3. If I follow all instructions in the manual to set input and output ports I can’t connect to external synths. In particular, have been trying with a Vermona Perfourmer. No matter what channels and what ports I set (with an iConnect A4+) midi is only sent out on channel 1.

This is my first post and perhaps I need to explain more clearly——but it’s shame external midi is a non-working feature in an otherwise amazing app. I’ve seen online workaround that have to do with assigning samples to pads and then setting the length of the sample to 0 or so, but that’s a kludge, at best?

In a perfect world, I should be able to set input and output MIDI channels for tracks and banks such that they’re as accessible as all of the bank soundsets or the IAA or AU instruments that can easily be assigned to where they’re needed.

Or maybe a different way to state it is an external midi controller and external hardware synths seem, by design, to difficult to use and access?

If I’m missing something simple that’s covered elsewhere, which is easy enough to do, I’d be very appreciative if someone would direct me to the appropriate resource!

Or perhaps all of this is already under review and on the way to a change in a next update?

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