CyMBoLiK - Da AxX Mane, unfinished making n playing own drum part.


  • Music was very impressive. Bit wasn't so interesting for me though. Overall a bit down beat for my tastes though. Not to say others won't dig this.

  • Thanks Beat lol.... or DouBs sounds better 4 nickname. I see were ur coming from and appreciate the feedback. I’m not a big electric music fan. Like so hip hop and future funk and dark musical melodi trap maybe. Plus have only been learning production for little over a year and by that I just mean teaching myself dis dat only ever using BM3 besides garage band for few weeks. So yea the little beats I make aren’t much more than getting some shit down that I can call my own. I’m a drummer if haven’t already said that so the majority of my energy has always went towards so no I don’t consider myself a producer, electronics dude. But when the word BeatMaker comes to my mind I am truely a student of the traditional craft and musical skilll of beatmaking and being able to play as many sick beats as possible not just building a 1-2-4-8 bar loop etc. I do take pride in having the skills necessary built inside me which is just as knowledge filled as production but also physical filled cuz MPC software was always the human body before

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