I often complain about the sidebar

And here’s just one more reason why


  • Yes, that shouldn't happen. Noted !


  • Oh good! I think the sidebar would be more tolerable if it were a floating element that didn’t interfere with the sizing of other elements. IMPC Pro for all its shortcomings got this part correct in my opinion.

  • What iPad is that, i cant get Poison to do it on Air 2 or Mini 2, is this on the Pros ?

  • My 10.5 pro makes poison go small like that, but i don’t get the other visual glitches

  • Oh wait... yes I do

  • @tk32 said:
    Oh wait... yes I do


  • I only get it when I do the same, song mode while looking at AU instrument. aside from that I love the sidebar and repeated elements on different submenus. Allows for a faster work flow for me.

  • edited December 2018

    Yeah, more stuff in the sidebar, more buttons to access more in the sidebar !!!

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