Transferring .wav recordings from SD card to BM3

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Hi everyone,

I just bought a cheap second hand Zoom H2n for field recording and wondered if anyone had any tips for the best way to transfer recordings on its SD card to the iPad for use by BM3?

Some things I have considered:

  • Apple Lightening to SD Card Camera Reader (unsure if this can transfer .wav recordings to iPad)
  • Toshiba FlashAir WIFI card (relatively expensive, mixed reviews)
  • Line out to iPad (might lose some quality)
  • WD My Passport Wireless Pro or similar (extra step, extra bulk/weight, unsure if this can transfer .wav recordings to iPad)
  • Zoom iQ6 instead (not practical for public settings, mixed reviews)

It might also be useful to know that I’ll be going through India by bicycle, which is why I have hesitancy about involving the iPad in the recording process and prefer to keep things ‘low key’ with the H2n. I hope to put ideas together on the iPad when in my room/tent at night.




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    This tiny little guy weighs nothing and allows you to transfer wirelessly from usb attached storage.

    It’s basically a small wireless access point. It comes an iPad app that lets you access the files regardless of type. It will also work with other file apps like Documents by Readdle.

    You would also need an inexpensive usb sd card reader, but those are cheap and small. It requires standard USB power too, but I assume you’ll have a power source for charging your iPad.

    It might not be the best solution for you, but is worked well for me. It comes in handy for many other things as well.

  • @number37 Great, I love multi-use solutions like this! I already own a USB SD card reader, and I will have 2 or 3 batteries with USB output to power the HooToo, so am happy not to have to carry another thing with its own heavy battery. Thanks for the link :smile:

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    Cool. I hope it works out for you. The only thing I’ve not been able to do with it is to run some external hard disks, which require too much power. Some of the stuff I’ve used it for:

    • Wireless access when only a wired connection is available.
    • Avoid having to sign in to free hotel Wi-Fi repeatedly. Sign in once from the router, then just connect to the router’s Wi-Fi instead of the Hotel’s.
    • Networking between devices when there’s no Wi-Fi available or existing Wi-Fi is too slow or insecure.
    • Transferring between two USB devices when I only have my iPad.
    • File sharing to/from my PC

    You might want to look into other offerings from HooToo and Rav Power. They have a number of choices, including some that include a power bank (these work with powered hard drives and seem to be more robust than the little guy), some with built in readers, etc.. HooToo and Rav Power are good brands.

    I forgot to mention, the USB Lightning adapter by itself only allows photo transfer.

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    Hey @panoramica, I came across mention of the GeekGo Reader - here. It looks like a potentially better solution for just the file transfer part anyway.

    I’ll report back in a few days once it has arrived.

  • It works, in combination with its iUSB Pro (Free) app.

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