Quantize notes on’s & off’s???

I was wondering if anyone can explain this. I have been using DAWs for over 15 years and never seen quantizing labeled this way. Its like it is giving me the inverse choice with each option. Would it make more since to label “quantize on/off during record and just have one on/off option? Maybe I’m stupid but this just throws me out. I have no idea if the quantize is on or off by the setting description


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    “Quantize note ONs” turned ON aligns the start of each note to the grid specified in the quantize options dropdown.

    “Quantize note OFFs” turned ON ensures that a note’s duration is never shorter than the grid specified in the quantize options dropdown.

    Pretty powerful stuff. If you asked me, I’d also like a third option, which ensure notes end on the grid regardless of duration, but maybe that’s one option too many.

  • It's quite simple really.

    Without the 'note off quantise option' BM3 always quantises the note start & end to the closest quantise value making it impossible to record 'shorter' events. (For example notes with 1/32nd or 1/64th duration on a 1/16th or 1/8th grid).

    For single-shot sounds this is not an issue but if a sound uses 'hold/sustain' the note off quantise becomes really annoying hence there's an option to turn it off.

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    I'm still working on this part of my guide, but here's an early preview of the one of the diagrams I will be including.

    Note - I still need to run a few more tests to check that this is 100% accurate

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    Hmmm... so further testing has revealed this doesn't quite work as expected.

    All my examples (above) hold up except for the green lane. I think this is probably a glitch, but at the moment, if you set Quantise Note On: OFF, and Quantise Note Off: ON (as shown in the green lane in my diagram) there is no quantising applied to any notes.

    I had previously assumed that Quantise Note Off was designed as a way to avoid sliver-thin midi notes that, once recorded, are a real pain to grab and adjust by touchscreen - but either there is a glitch or that is not how it's intended to work.

    @mathieugarcia could you please explain what's happening behind the scenes so I can update my diagram? :)

  • Thanks, for the info. This makes some sense now

  • @mathieugarcia sorry to mention you again, but could I ask you to have a quick look at my diagram and posts above and help me understand why Note off quantise doesn't work as expected (it seems only to have an effect is note on quantise is also enabled - eg the purple lane)

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