BeatMaker 2 full sample path?

Is there a way to see the full path of a missing sample? The missing sample modal (when loading file) truncates a long path but in order to fix my missing file issues I need to read the full path. Any ideas?

Also, any tips for mapping moved samples? I restructured all my sample folders and now my BM files are a mess with the ability to find the samples.


  • Why not just let Beatmaker search for the files ?

  • @5pinlink said:
    Why not just let Beatmaker search for the files ?

    If that's possible, great! Maybe i'm doing something wrong. Here's my specific issue and please let me know if BM can search/resolve on it's own.

    I created and saved some BM tracks with imported samples. I changed the file structure/location of the samples in Beatmaker 2 and now when I go to open up a file that uses the imported sample(s) I get a modal, "Error: File not found: ../../sound.wav". The sample is still in BM just not in that specific location. I've been manually correcting this via FTP by recreating the file structure but i've run into an issue where I can't see the full path of some samples as the nested folder structure is quite deep.

    Is there a different way to fix this? Thanks!

  • Ahh sorry, my mistake, I didn't read the 2, sorry.

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