Export slices from pads?

I think this is territory that has been addressed many times, but I couldn’t find it in the manual or online. I am trying to export all slices from a pad bank as a zip file to AudioShare. Is there an easy way to do this? I seem to recall reading this...


  • The rest is just using the files app to pass the zip to audioshare ;)

  • What a gentleman.

    I was about to describe the process in writing step-by-step. But 5pin’s concise 39 second video is much easier :)

  • @5pinlink - thanks very much!

  • First post (I think?) Love this forum. Thanks to all y’all for having me.

    @5pinlink first and foremost, thanks for that tutorial, along with all your others and all your knowledge on n general. I’m not near my iPad right now so I can’t be certain, but IIRC you can just hit Share (bottom-right) and select AudioShare to send the .zip directly there. Eliminates the penultimate step, making it even easier. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Yeah kind of, but no, it is very bad housekeeping.
    Sharing copies, so when you share the zip to another app it duplicates the zip and then sends the duplicate to the second apps file structure, so now there are two copies of the zip, wasting space.

    Now this would normally apply, but in the case of audioshare makes no difference, because the developer of audioshare refuses to support the files app properly, so you cant move to audioshare, only copy.
    It is why i refuse to recommend audioshare anymore, the developer has been.......lets just say he refuses to believe move doesnt work, even after receiving videos from multiple paying customers.

    So yeah, if you have touse audioshare (why ?) Then you may aswell share, but remember to delete the original zip.

  • @5pinlink makes perfect sense. Thanks again!

  • And it’s a shame about the AudioShare dev, bc that app is my hub for all things audio. Any suggestions for replacement?

  • B3 replaced it entirely for me, works with files, is a better uploader to Dropbox than the Dropbox app etc, just needs network support and it is a monster browser.

    But it may not work for your needs.

  • @MrFlowRx said:
    First post (I think?) Love this forum. Thanks to all y’all for having me.

    Glad to have you here too @MrFlowRx :)

    (Sorry I didn't add anything else useful to the discussion, just wanted an excuse to say "Hi/Welcome")

  • By the way, I still use Audioshare, but only as a local file locker for all my rendered/exported and mastered tracks (uncompressed WAV files)

    The reason I do this is because I love how simple it is to post to SoundCloud from inside Audioshare.

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