Korg Module over several layers/Banks

Dear BM3 community. I got Korg Module and managed to get it to work, however if I want to add another layer/audio track/bank, I am not able to load the app again. As if ther is a limit to one use. Any ideas on how to work around this issue?


  • You can't, it is an IAA (SIF) so unless it has multiple MIDI ins that show up in B3 and also multi timbral support, you wont be able to do it.

  • One way to do that with single-instance IAAs is to record the output to an audio-track.

    I do wish it was easier to move midi between tracks & pads in BM3.
    (Say hello to track-lanes in BM2 that are still AWOL in BM3).

    This way Module IAA could be hosted on one pad, move to midi to that pad temporarily, record the audio, move an another midi-part to the pad, change patch record the audio etc. etc.

    Even better would be to have pad2pad and pad2bank midi-routing available.
    This way any pad could be routed to any pad or bank.

    Yet another way would be to use Gadget as the 'host' for Module since Gadget can receive on multiple channels but only outputs one audio-track...

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