Unable to automate RM1 Au fx

edited December 2018 in Support

Is anyone else here having issues trying to automate the RM-1 plug-in?

Have tried everything but nothing seems to work, or if it does it works intermittently.

Track record is enabled, as is record automation.

Here is what I have found :

When you automate the knobs using the plug-in’s UI and then playback, the knobs do not move.

You can draw in automation into the pattern, and BeatMaker 3’s AU knobs then visually move, but there is no change in the plugins sound.

Also b3 doesn’t seem to state save this plug-in, so it always reloads the session with the init preset as opposed to the last preset you used.

Have emailed the developer, but I’m not sure if this is a BeatMaker 3 issue.

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