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Hi I'm new to the community I bought a iPad pro 11 inch and sold my MacBook pro. I thought the iPad pro would be strong enough for my mobile production needs , turns out it's been nothing but a headache . If I use More than 1 instance of a AU I get all kinds of CPU spikes , but since I've downloaded the new beta it has stabilize a bit .. also I'm getting latency issues using the on screen pad and my USB midi keyboard. I really love bm3 I actually like it for production better than logic and that says a lot ... So I have a few questions are there any settings I can do to my iPad to make it play nice with bm3? Why can't I set my buffer to 64 it always changes when I go to another tab , and will getting a external sound card help with my audio issues? I really don't wanna have to go back to the MacBook pro it's not looking good ATM thanks for any advice


  • Update latency problem fixed I had it on repeat by accident😬 lol but still need help with everything else thanks

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    Everyone who bought new iPads over the last few months have experienced bad CPU spikes in audio apps. It happens because the device can't decide whether it needs to use the power cores or the efficient ones, so it constantly switches between them and causes horrible spikes. (Apple are on Santa's Naughty List for this!!)

    The good news is that this has now (finally) been fixed in the latest iOS update.

    Your device is incredibly powerful, and will be perfect for making music with many AUv3 plugins running simultaneously once the latest iOS installs.

  • Cool thanks I was about to give up I didn't want to though

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