No patterns saved with a saved bank.

When I open a saved bank in another session, there's no patterns in it even though I checked save patterns box.


  • When loading the bank, you have to toggle the load patterns option (it's at the bottom of the screen when you're in the file browser)

  • ...and after loading the bank with patterns, you find them in the pattern helper which you bring up in Song mode by tapping the timeline overview image in the top-left corner.

    Hope this makes sense :)

  • Thank you so much. How could I missed it☺️

  • May be you could help me how to copy a pad from one bank to another with the fx chain of this pad.

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    If you have the FX loaded into the pad's FX chain (instead of the Bank's FX chain) then copying the pad to another location in the same bank, or any location in another bank, will reload the same pad FX with the same settings - including AUv3 plugins.

    Just be aware that loading FX per-pad (instead of per-bank) is often more cpu-intensive as you are likely to have more plugins loaded at once.

    And remember... most effects are sociable characters; they often perform best in a crowd ;)

  • Thanks 5pin.

    (In my explanation I forgot to explain where the copy/paste commands are found)

  • Thanks a lot. The new interface is just confounding to me.

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    I’m writing a free guide (also available as a book) that should really help understand all the visible (and hidden) parts of the interface.

    There will be lots of diagrams, screenshots and other tips/tricks (mostly stolen from 5pinlink)

    It should be ready later this month

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