Audio interface input can't be changed on audio track

I have a Babyface pro w/ an 8 Channel ADAT expansion. I'm trying to use separate inputs from the interface for simultaneous multi-tracking of hardware inputs.

I can create a new Audio track and see all the available input channels in the dropdown:

When I select one, it doesn't select it and reverts back to Babyface Pro(7... Which I'm assuming is the default 7/8 input channel?

I can select separate output channels and it creates a new output channel strip for them:

I've looked in Settings but didn't see configuration for available I/O from the interface.

This interface works fine in AUM/Cubasis and I'm able to select separate input channels in those apps.

This might be a bug w/ my Interface? Does anyone else have this same issue?


  • I've just confirmed this morning, multi-channel audio can be changed when in the sampling input selection menu, but it does not work in the Audio Track input selection menu.

    The menu is exactly the same & I can easily select any of the interface channels when in the sample window.

    If anyone else has a multi-channel interface, would love if you could verify this bug. (It could just be the RME Baby-face, however since it works w/ sampling I'm thinking it'a an audio-track issue)

    1. Create a new audio track
    2. Double tap the header to select a new input channel from your interface
    3. Select a different input channel
    4. Confirm that it does in fact change to that input channel in the mixer screen
    5. Record from that selected input.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Ok, found a workaround for this bug.

    In "Scene" mode instead of patterns, audio tracks have sample clips that can be looped.
    Create a new sample clip on an audio track, just like you would create a new pattern on a midi bank track.

    Once you tap "Record Sample", you will see the bank sample menu where the input/output routing works.

    If you choose Record Mode "Sync" w/ length of 4 bars, you will have a perfect 4-bar loop. Much like selecting pattern length for midi tracks.

    Once the clip has been sampled, it will start looping in the pattern slot

    You can record multiple clips and then assign them to different scenes, just like patterns.
    This is much easier than sampling to a pad, then sequencing that pad with a new pattern.
    Very similar to Ableton's session view w/ easy audio clip recording.

    The input bug is still there in the Mixer I/O view, would be nice to fix that for even easier audio track recording.

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