Navigate, Draw & Fill

The Navigate tool in the MIDI editor in BM3 does not function as a navigation tool as in BM2.

In BM2 the navigation tool allows free movement within the edit window without the danger of unwanted note addition. The safest way to do this in BM3 is with two fingers and still if you touch the grid with one finger first you may place a note.

The Draw and Fill tools allow for note placement, Navigation to scroll.

Please consider returning the Navigation tool to its original function.

Additionally, it seems to me that note editing is far easier and more accurate with the tool grid overlay that was present in BM2 versus BM3. An option to bring back the fast, sure, editing of BM2 would be a welcome option. I would imagine it would be the best option also for the iPhone version.


  • @mathieugarcia is investigating ways to make the MIDI editor super slick, he will get there ;)

  • I usually switch to the SELECT TOOL when I want to navigate around the pattern editor without the risk of drawing accidental notes.

    It's a good habit to learn.

  • I second the fact that I don't get why the navigate tool also draws notes. Especially since we already have two other modes for drawing notes.

  • edited January 2019

    I'm one of those who doesn't like to switch tool for everything, but prefer a smart/multi tool. I like how it works in Medly. Single finger for drawing, two finger for scrolling (no zooming), drag vertically for a selection box, long touch to paste/duplicate currently selected notes at position.

  • I always thought the editing system in BM2 was absolute genius. I was very disappointed to see it gone in BM3.

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