Resize Capability for Pads and Tracks

Please consider vertical resize for the song editor, finding cues is difficult in the short height tracks.

An option to expand the pads to full screen would be nice for smaller devices as well as performers that use velocity position within the pads.


  • You can adjust vertical height in song view by pinch zooming on the track names at the left. When in the pattern view, you can also adjust the zoom height.

  • This is already implemented, you can scale vertically by pinch and zoom on the track names.

  • It only changes the height of tracks slightly here, I expect I'm doing it wrong though, how do you make it full screen ?

  • I don't think you're doing it wrong. I can get a single track to fill half of all the available vertical space on a 12.9, but not full screen.

  • Thank you! This is an obstacle gone.

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