The patterns keep disappearing. Nothing shows in song view

edited January 2019 in Support

I can still hear the beats but noting is showing on the screen. I had a great beat going and it didn’t save. Started it over and still same thing. This time I saved it but still nothing in song view. It even crashed at one point.


  • well if you can hear the beats it's a good sign it's still there. when you say nothing is on the screen you mean nothing showing up in the track? is there a box showing where the item should be on the track? or is it there but dimmed out? ... have you tried checking the pattern helper?

  • It is probably just in scene mode, press the little play button on the right hand side of the track with missing pattern.

  • I fixed it. Messing with the icons on the right. Not even sure what fixed it but I was just resizing and also using the magnifying glass

  • Theres a rare glitch when in the pattern editor where the timeline super-zooms to maximum zoom and it looks like everything has disappeared

    I’ve never been able to find out what causes it, but it happens to me once every few weeks.

    It’s not a major issue because all you have to do is pinch zoom-out about 10 times

  • Sounds to me like it was in scenes, fixing with the icons on the right would he the track play buttons.

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