Duplicate tracks and merge audio clips

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To be able to duplicate tracks, merge audio clips


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    Not sure if this helps, but did you know it's possible to load patterns from one bank to another ... and also load audio clips from one audio track to another.

    Merging audio clips is not straightforward, but can be achieved via an internal mixdown, or exporting a section of the track with the two banks solo'd

    Hope this helps a little

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    It works via the pattern helper, however, note that it just allows you to copy the raw file, if you have made any edits to it in the arranger, they will not be in the clip you drag to the new track.

    It is not a great way to work for audio at all to be honest, load an audio file, use the scissors to cut out a section, drag that section to a new track from the pattern helper, wait, what just happened ? you will get new audio clips added to the pattern helper that are the size of the edit you made in the original clip, but they will always start at the beginning of the raw file, because the new clip is referencing the raw file and only copying clip size as defined by the scissors, confused yet ?
    You should be, because it expected you to save as a whole new audio file and reload hahaha.

    B3s arranger is poor at the moment, needless to say I suspect it will get a lot of updates to make it better, but I would hope they come in a paid update, the developers need to put food on their table ;)

    PS, i changed your title to reflect your request ;)

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    Only just noticed when renaming that you want merge audio clips, we do have that in a simple form

    I am not suggesting this is real clip merge, again, works on the raw data, it is just a workaround that may get you where you need to go ;)

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    Yeah, I meant audio track (not audio bank)

    I've edited my post.

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