Modulating AUs with Rozeta

I have a bank with drum sounds and a few AU audio fx plugins. I want to modulate some of the AU parameters with Rozeta LFO. But the moment I load the midi AU the sound stops, and I haven’t found a way getting it to work.

Is this even possible? I know midi AU isn’t quite finished at the moment in BM3, but still - is it really that broken?



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    The previous few updates to BM3 attempted to make Midi FX a less complicated to use for new users, but in the process removed much of its power and rout-able flexibility - like the example use you give with Rozeta LFO above.

    The dev is is definitely aware that this is important to the users of BM3, and I expect we'll see big improvements in this area soon.

    Hold tight.

  • @whiteout, I don’t know if you’ll be able to automate the parameters you want to, but to overcome the sound stoppage all you need to do is activate the midi-pass through in Rozeta LFO.

  • Ahh yes, thanks @number37

    I completely forgot that @brambos had recent;y added that feature for us.

    He’s such a dude

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    Thanks, @number37. I’ve tried that, of course. I just checked again and found out that midi pass thru only works when it’s a bank with an AU instrument. If a load a Rozeta midi plugin into a sampler bank it has no effect, i.e. the sound stays off when enabling pass thru. Either way, it’s completely pointless as long as there’s no way to assign midi CCs to AU parameters.

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