The Bro - Give me the Disco

New year and another demo. Check it out!!

Listen to The Bro - Give me the Disco (demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud


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    Pretty good... although it sounds like your sample drifts a little. Did you make this in BM3??

    Only joking :D

    Good groove.... BUT... the melody and the bassline are in different keys, and it means the whole thing sounds out of tune (quite badly).

    Try transposing the synth bits up or down a few semitones and it should all glue together nicely.

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    Althernatively, slow down the track by about 5bpm and retune the bass guitar loop accordingly. Having the bass play a little lower may help the elements be more in tune, though you’ll have to keep tweaking and listening by ear until it gels together

  • Oh better remove it - I didn't realise that the chords were out of tune. :-(

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    They’re not out of tune, just not in the same key as the bass loop.

    Let’s just say it’s ‘unconventional’. But then again, some of the best dance music ever made has sometimes shown complete disregard for keeping things in key.

    The probem is that your bass guitar hook is the fundamental part of the track, so it’s weird when something plays over the top and it doesn’t harmonise.

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    Try slowing it down a smidge, and tuning the bass loop down a little, as suggested. I really think that’s all it needs.

  • Okay mate I'll have a play with that. Thanks for checking it out.

  • Uploaded a new version with the bass pitched down two notes. Have a listen and let me know how it sounds. 😎

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    What do you think?

    I know this is going to annoy you... but I have a feeling the bass only needed to go down one note (not two). Having said this, it’s really hard to judge by ear alone.

  • I can try one note that’s cool.

  • Cool. Is this in BM3 or BM2?

  • Okay pitched down one note how’s it sound?

  • That’s the best of the bunch so far. It’s still a little bit out tuning wise, but it doesn’t sound as bad.

    Do you agree? If you have all 3 versions try playing them with a blindfold on and see which you like best

  • By the way, we’re still waiting for proof of the drifting samples issue in BM3!

    Or alternatively send us a link to the sample and let us give it a try

  • Cool Man that’s the best I can tune it with BeatMaker 2 which you are right I’m using lol.

  • Anyone else feeling this? B)

  • @The_Bro said:
    Anyone else feeling this? B)

    It’s not in tune, samples are ok.

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