Automate Scene Playback for Song Arrangement Editing

While you can trigger scenes live as well as paste them one by one to the timeline, a sequential auto play would be great for quickly auditioning arrangement edits and creating a master mix out. (Stagelight)



  • You mean like scene playlists like in Modstep or such ?

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    Not familiar with Modstep. This would be like allowing a sequential left to right playback of scenes with one press of play. You could rearrange columns and try various arrangements without having to concentrate on triggering a column. I think Stagelight does this along with repeat setting and start stop assignments per scene.

  • In GarageBand you can do this with sections also.

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    So on the scene long press have "Number of repeats" and a left to right play mode.

    There is a couple requests for this i think, i need to update the list.

  • Yeah, it adds another purpose to the feature. Not a live play thing but a quick and flexible arranger.

  • I mean, you can do this on the timeline and you could reassign scene sources but if you just allow rearranging columns and playing them sequentially you can stay in the groove without a lot of fiddling around. Again, more of a traditional “song” approach.

  • The pad playback of scenes is excellent too but still, it’s not the same as press and play.

  • Yeah its basically how Modstep works.

    I would also add a request for a "Transcribe to arranger" button, so when you have set up all your repeats and arranged scenes etc, you can just hit transcribe and it turns it in to a full arrangement in song view, then we are talking :)

  • Wow, great idea! Is BeatMaker Matt’s baby? Is he the only coder?

  • I dont know the full details of Intuas internals, however i can say when @mathieugarcia develops something, it is normally designed with user input ;)

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