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Post the ones you have noticed being asked a lot here, want to put this up on the WIKI.

I will get us started with what is actually the most frequent anyway.

1 When i hit the pads, sound is delayed or does not play.

You have note repeat turned on.



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    Here's one that made me waste the most amount of time.

    2 Midi input isn't working.

    The input source isn't turned on in BM3's settings. Input devices aren't turned on by default, output devices are.

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    This is less of an FAQ and more of a strange occurrence.

    3 My iPad battery went flat and now keeps switching off when i try to charge.

    Beatmaker 3 was running when the battery went flat, when the iPad tried to restart it automagically tries to restart Beatmaker 3 too, Beatmaker 3 consumes more power than the charger is putting in to the iPad, when the iPad starts, login, double click home button, force quit Beatmaker 3.

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    4 When I try to play Beatmaker 3 from my MIDI controller, it only plays one pad pitched across all the keys.

    Turn MIDI Omni to off in the settings (small cog)

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    5 How do i copy paste from one track to another

    You can't, but there is a partial workaround, just open the pattern helper and drag any source content from one track to any other.

  • 6 Is it safe to delete my Unsaved Sessions folder?

    Probably not. Unless you are meticulous with your housekeeping, it's very likely some of your tracks reference trimmed samples and audio recordings that are stored in Unsaved Sessions. You have been warned!

  • hey guys , im a new beatmaker who has just started making thefirst beats if by chance it doesn't bother you give me feedback on these beats i just posted ?
    thank you

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