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Watch the video and you will see a live mode, where you can play audio clips on the pads or via hardware, and it is all recorded in to the arranger too , ignore my shitty triggering, it is an unreleased plugin as yet and has no trigger modes or grid based triggering, but it shows the concept and in my eyes blows away all other audio clip triggering apps, simply because it use B3s the full sampler and mix engine, AUs and records your performance to the arranger for editing.

My opinion is i would rip the developers hands off to buy this for a few $$, and it allows the developers at Intua to just carry on with essential core features, what do you think ?



  • For those of you who don't understand what is happening, the plugin enables pads to work in 'latch mode' which means you tap once to turn them on, and they keep looping in time to the track — until you tap them again to switch off.

    Pretty cool stuff, thanks to an innovative new collection of midi FX by an up-and-coming developer.

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    Is it (bleep)? I bet its (bleep). So can we hound (bleep) with our plugin ideas now?

  • Ps. Cool stuff! :)

  • Isnt he busy making a modular drum machine ?

  • ...and I thought my jokes were bad.

  • Hey, that's kind of like having novation's Launchpad inside BM3 :)

  • This triggers scene play, but does it record the scene pattern midi information too ? And what about audio clips in scenes, do they get recorded to the audio tracks or just a trigger for the clip?

    Ie is the arrangement fully printed to the song mode or just triggered?

  • It doesnt trigger scenes @groovey
    If you watch the video, I flick to scenes view quickly so that you can see, nothing at all being used there (this was a real quick video, just cause i was enjoying it lol)

    It records the triggers to the arranger, so you can edit it after you have performed it, so drop a bum clip or whatever, just remove it after you finished your performance :)

    Sidenote, this developer is something else, heavily embedded in the scene, and motivated, all the triggering options etc i asked for, post doing this video, erm done !!!!!!

    You can look forward to some great stuff coming your way, and im actually not kidding, I have been lucky to see some of the other great stuff hes got going on (gotta hit those hardware pads too hard to trigger, erm not anymore :) )
    But this one in particular baked my biscuit, cause he didnt even realise in combo with B3 it was a full Abletonesque live mode !!!!!

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    @5pinlink well it certainly sounds really promising no doubt about that. And exciting to see other developers code expansionality (is that a word?) for bm3.
    Is there a way that all the pattern midi info for each of the banks triggered could get printed / recorded onto the timeline too?

  • It is recorded to the timeline as MIDI info, so it can be edited, just by hitting record.
    If you want it recorded as individual audio stems too, create tracks, route em, arm em, record em ;)

    Trust me, this is a super simple add on, but it just sits in the modular nature of B3/IOS and drops a huge bomb of featureset on B3, I was gutted when Loop Tunes was discontinued, but honestly, crap compared to this, Launchpad is....well its Novation, it might get an update if it sells loops, but that might be next year sometime and a full browser, nope, Remix Live, awesome, oh wait no MIDI hardware support.
    This literally is "The one" now for clip triggering, and that is even before you realise that this can be recorded to a MIDI track for editing, or stems too, or just recorded to a stereo file, or even post performance mixed and rendered lol.

    This is actual chame ganger hahahaha

  • But looking at your video, when you say it records midi, isn’t that only for the pattern trigger ? So one midi note to play the pattern or stop it etc, or does it also record and include all of the midi note info within the actual midi pattern too? This is what I’m still not clear on

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    There is no midi note info other than triggers, this is audio clip triggering, not MIDI clip triggering.
    Triggering MIDI clips can already be done via scene mode though, albeit in a much more basic way than this.

    You could use this to trigger MIDI AU sequencers and stuff, so triggering MIDI clips via an extra plugin would be a step down the road i expect, but to record the output of that plugin to MIDI too, you would need B3s previous implementation of MIDI routing, that is a core feature.

  • @blueveek said:
    Hey, that's kind of like having novation's Launchpad inside BM3 :)

    Hmm, well there goes that theory... ;)

  • I’m not really sure of what this plugin is freely doing, but if you mean triggering an audio clip with latch possibility this is exactly what Blueveek acheive with it’s plugin!

  • @jeezs - you just revealed the secret identity of the ‘blue wizard’ developer ;)

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    @tk32 said:
    @jeezs - you just revealed the secret identity of the ‘blue wizard’ developer ;)

    lol, ok that is who was behind my (bleeps) before I edited them out. Hehe, look at Blueveek playing it all coy. That is just orthogonal to reality. ;)

  • Argh sorry.
    I won’t talk for the next days.

  • @jeezs said:
    Argh sorry.
    I won’t talk for the next days.

    Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it as I think it was kind of obvious to the tiny handful of us who read this forum regularly. But seriously I think now we are officialy obligated to swamp his inbox with unrealistic demands. How about five pin editing on audio clips?

    ( Err, just thought, was this to mask some sort of conflict of interest thing? )

  • Yeah, no need to apologise Jeezs.

    His identity is not really a secret

  • No it was simple market research, and it served its purpose.

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  • For a second there I thought all the bleeps were about me. Jeezs.

  • @bleep said:
    For a second there I thought all the bleeps were about me. Jeezs.

    Erf! Forgot we had a bleep!

  • @Audiogus said:

    Yeah, some muppet accused me of hiding behind names apparently, so my real name is what i'm using everywhere now.
    Said muppet can have my address too, internet hard men, they never change.

  • I’m so confused

    ... who is the mysterious dark knight developer of new bm3 alien tech plugin gadgetry ? ( or is it the same guy who’s making the midi AU fx fixerooni thing)

    ... why has the 5pin disappeared and remorphed into a new moderator, is this like when doctor who regenerates into the next one, I believe it’s now a woman. Does this mean 5pin too has undergone gender reassignment ?

    So many questions, so much intrigue and the year has only just begun... tune in to next week’s episode of Black Mirror-BeatMaker to find out.

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    Life is an illusion, yep same due who has fixed the Au midi fx record issue yet to be resolved in BM3.

  • @winconway said:

    @Audiogus said:

    Yeah, some muppet accused me of hiding behind names apparently, so my real name is what i'm using everywhere now.
    Said muppet can have my address too, internet hard men, they never change.

    Ahh, thought maybe it was my lame five pin editing joke, heh. Yah, been thinking of changing my real name to Audiogus to avoid the bank.

  • @groovey the MIDI FX fix thing is not really going to be needed at some point, the other plugins he is making are something else though, and he listens a lot, so when you say, it would be cool having this this and this, pushing the boundaries of what would be slick, he actually goes and does it.
    There was a few features in NS2 that i thought out loud should have been done this way or that way, so he did lol.

  • Btw @Audiogus, I had a mini facepalm moment when I realized - after way too long! - that your nick was probably a play on Audiobus. How did I not see that at once?

    Anyway, the @blueveek stuff seem to be top notch. I do wonder where that leaves Intua, though. Temporary quick fixes becoming the permanent solution is not optimal, but the last post here hints that more proper fixes will be in place, too. Nice as it is to have fixes, the best for BM3 would be if new buyers of the app would not immediately be met with suggestions to also get 3rd party fixes for the app.

  • @winconway you mean new features in NS2 that would be good to implement in B3? Oh man I get so excited whenever there’s new stuff or at least fixes for bm3, it’s a shame they take so long to come.

    But did you get gender reassignment though ? Ha

    @theinvisibleman ’life is an illusion’ - that’s deep. And am not being sarcastic. That’s a WHOLE other topic .... ;)

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