Sample rate display remains at 48 kHz

I'm using an external audio interface (Audioquest Dragonfly Red) with iPad Pro 9.7 and 3rd gen 12.9. The interface supports several sample rates, and an LED light on the device indicates which sample rate it is using. In BM3 settings, I can select 44.1 or 48 kHz and the interface LED lights change color accordingly, but in BM3 settings, the displayed value reverts to 48 kHz no matter what sample rate is selected (and appears to be active as indicated by the dragonfly red LED color).

I am also aware of the audio problems regarding the 3rd gen iPad Pros and remember some discussions mentioning that when using the built in speakers, the sample rate is forced to 48 kHz. Is this still the case?


  • I think this problem is partially caused by that fact that the Dragonfly Red is an 'output only' device so the built-in microphones will still operate at 48K even though the output device supports multiple sample-rates.

    So what iOS likely tries to do here is to 'match' the input and & output sample-rates and since the built-in audio seems to be hard-wired to 48K then 48K it is...

  • @samu so you think that iOS is still forcing the output to 48K even though when I toggle the sample rate in BM3 settings between 44.1 and 48, the dragonfly red LED color does change and indicates the sample rate most recently selected (e.g. green for 44.1)? My observation is that regardless of the sample rate indicator LED color, the displayed value is always 48. I'll have to test with my Apogee Duet if the behavior is the same.

  • I have no idea what is going on with the thread you posted tbh or what the major take away was, work around, or anything.

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    This is a bug that hasn’t been fixed in our past and current version of BM3. The hard limit for iPad is 96khz but BM3 doesn't have the setting to change it. It was fixed in a previous beta that was never released.

    To change to a higher setting you will have to currently use another host. BM3 should pick up the new setting after you make the change. This will apply to external audio interfaces if you wish to use a higher sample rate.

    Noted and will add to the bug list.

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