"PLAY SONG" not working when changing scene

Hi everyone,
I guess I might have found a bug, could you please let me know if this happens to you as well guys?
Launching a new scene (say Scene 2) while one of the tracks is playing an audio region (let’s call it A1) that started during Scene 1 (and having the relevant pattern slot correctly set to “Play Song” both in S1 and S2), causes A1 to stop playing (it’s not greyed out in Song mode though) rather than have it keep playing as I expect and want.
Thanks in advance!


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    I'm sure someone else here is far more versed in Scenes mode than I am... but have you tried making sure the little arrows in the far right are all playing. I think there's kind of a 'master' arrow that keeps it 'playing all'. worth a shot.
    ...or it could have something to do with how many measures are set to play before looping. Perhaps S1 and S2 are different lengths?

  • Thanks for trying to help! S1 and S2 were actually of different lengths, but I changed that to have the same length and didn't change anything. Arrows are playing on the far right in Song mode, but on Scene mode the far right buttons can only have a square and be used to stop the patterns of that track. Anyway, checked that as well and doesn't change anything...

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