Record a plugin.

Hello all, so I have come to an inevitable problem. My audio starts crackling once I use too many plugins. I am currently using model 15 and I cannot record two different sounds, because if I change the synth noise it changes both tracks.
How do I permanently record a instrument with a plugin in, so I can remove the plugin to free up some space ?


TL:DR : Too many plugins, can’t record more that one track with model 15.


  • 1 Create a new audio track
    2 Set its input to the pad that the synth is on
    3 Arm the track (red dot)
    4 Hit record.
    You sould now have a hard track of your synthesizer that uses very little CPU.

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    Note - increasing the buffer in BM3 settings will reduce the crackling too.

    There are debates about which setting is ‘best all round’ - but my advice is to go up to 512 or even 1024 as this significantly reduces crackling.

    Higher buffers result in slightly more delay between pressing a note and hearing sound, so if the numbers I suggest are not working for you, you can experiment with a lower value. Unfortunately Model 15 is one of the most power-hungry AUv3 synths available on iPad (although it does sound amazing)

    Welcome to the community, by the way @TbagTed :)

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