ATB - Push The Feeling On ATB's iPhone(house)

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Hey all. This is my first post.

This is a house tune that I did based on a sample from the Nightcrawlers' 'Push The Feeling On.' I wrapped a whole 3min track around it. This was a first attempt at a deep house track of my own. If you like house music, please take a listen; I accept comments, good criticisms (ways to make it better, or if it's too much like something else you've heard), and compliments if it sounds good to you.

I used a free program, 'mp3mymp3', to record a snippet of a podcast that played the sample. I took the sample and downloaded it to Beatmaker. I then layered it with a house track.


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    I like it...lots of changes & grooves, stays fresh. Did you use one of the stock kits or your own?
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    I used some sounds from both stock kits and from a lo-fi house music kit off of here ( I'll upload the kit for this track sometime soon.
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    the nightcrawlers loop is a bit repetitive for the 1st 2 mins - needs to drop in and out a bit more in my view. Other than that i'd say it's a very good job.
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    Thanks... and yeah I agree about the loop. I'm still messing around with the Beatmaker project itself, trying to use a little less of the main sample.
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