Crash on iPad Mini 2

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When chop sample , every time crash and shut down ,the program please , fix it , and if this problem have iPad 2018


  • OK, I use the MINI 2 myself personally and have been trying trace this bug for nearly a year, it happens so rarely to me, i cant track it down, can you send me the audio file that is causing the crash please, so i can verify and pass on to the developer.

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    I once had a conversation with someone in the Discord chat (was it @Michael Lawrence ?) - he seemed to have narrowed down the bug better than anyone else - assuming we're talking about the same one.

    If I remember correctly, he said that loading a long WAV file, then repeatedly trimming it, a little more from the ends each time, and without saving any of the trimmed versions, would eventually lead to a hard crash.

    Does this sound similar to your experience @Boroda ??

  • It was me. The problem I had was sometimes when I chopped the sample and played it back, the wave form would disappear (just showed a flat line) and it would not play somtimes. I would also get the crash if I tried it too many times. It was not specific to the 2018 model, this was happening on the iPad Pro 12 9" 2016 version. I was not able to pin the bug down to any particular action as it didn't happen all the time. To be honest, I haven't experienced this in the last while on my new 2018 iPad but haven't used BM3 in a week or so (no judging!)

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