ATB - It's Richie Rich(Rap)

edited February 2009 in BeatMakers Showcase
This next track was done on Beatmaker, believe it or not. The original was a sequence of samples done by the rapper who's voice you hear (a friend of mine and the family, named Richard). He did his own little 1 min rap with his daughters doing the sound you hear 'Richie Rich!!!!' (NOT to be confused with the more established and known west coast rapper, Richie Rich. This man is from Detroit). Each of his samples were concatenated. When I heard it, I *knew* I had to put them into Beatmaker and try to remake his song for him.

I took all of his samples that he put together and broke them out with a program that chops up mp3s. I forget the title.. mptrim would do the same thing but it would be a little harder. Anyways I took all those samples, added some drums (mostly 808, I still love those sounds), and make a kit with Beatpack. Then I downloaded the kit, added one or two more sounds I found from a kit someone shared on these forums, and sequenced the song. The beginning of the song is the same way Rich started out his original

About the most amazing thing with this track is that the rapping was originally done acapella. It turns out I was able to match a BPM with his rapping. He managed to keep time well enough that it sounds like he was rapping to this beat instead of acapella.

I put it on youtube before I found out about that sound spot that I posted my other track on. Anyways you can see a pic of Rich... my pic isn't on there. I also thought it wise to leave his two daughter's pics off of the 'movie' for now, so it's just his mug, all through the song.
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