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To be honest, I love the strengths of beatmaker 3 when it comes to sampling but hate the pattern based style of the app and us having to think how many bars we plan to record a segment of tracks in. I feel a linear sort of BM2 like sequencer choice would be an amazing addition where we can record the tracks as long as we like or even set loop points and loop record right to the sequencer. Is there a way we can get a Linear Mode or an option where we dont have to use patterns?



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    If you let BM3 create patterns on the fly they can be as long as you want.

    Just set loop markers in the song arranger, arm record, then press play and start jamming.

    This may help you feel less restricted when composing (assuming you didn't know about it already)

  • I hear you but I mean a mode that gets rid of the pattern stuff all together in a sense. Imo it makes the app a little cumbersome and is not that intuitive. It's no need for it if you dont really use it.

    I feel this can make the sequencer better for those who don't use the pattern stuff.

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    You mean midi notes that don't exist in a pattern? In which case, try this..

    1. Create 1 giant pattern the full length of your track (or longer). Just create a basic pattern and drag the right edge into outer space (bar no. 26,175⁴³)
    2. Record a jam session for as long as you like
    3. Slice up that pattern using the scissors tool to make editing more manageable
    4. Voila!
  • I am not sure i even understand this request, you dont have to use pattern based sequencing at all in B3 if you dont want to, it has all the exact same tools any other linear host has, in fact if anything, it is lacking in pattern based tools for the pattern side of things ?

  • I think BM3 already provides what @DeeJohnson is looking for, he just needs to find the workflow that works for him.

    The 2 techniques above should help you break free from having to plan your patterns in advance as discrete blocks of a particular size.

    When it comes to BM3, there is usually a way to do it

  • I never even think about the patterns until I have to. If you just create a track, midi or audio, hit record and play you never have to deal with patterns or loop sliders etc until you reach a point where you choose to edit your tracks and sculpt them in that manner, in which case BM3 becomes even more capable than a traditional linear recorder or sequencer. It's there if you need it, but not required if you don't. That's the beauty of the app.

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    What he said ^ :)

  • Well I guess the problem with it imo is that splitting patterns messes up automation, merging patterns kills automation and even if I edit a pattern it will change all the places that I have it on the timeline rather then just that one region on that part of the timeline for that track. That's why I would like a mode where we can eliminate the pattern feature period for those of us who don't use it.

  • @DeeJohnson
    Have you tried drawing 1 long pattern for each of your tracks, lasting the entire length of the song.

    Everything you record for the track (notes or automation) should —in theory— all end up stored in that one long pattern.

    I think this achieves most of the pattern-less workflow you are looking for?

  • If youwant to edit a paatern and not change the others, use duplicate instead of repeat.

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