BM3 crashes when tapping show pads icon in mixer window.

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Tried to add video to BM3 feature request attachment for the dev but the attachment option doesn’t work.

I have video so if moderator wants me to PM them by email the crash video then I’m happy to do that.

Edit: Here is a link to Dropbox, for some reason my last post has disappeared so I enclose it here.


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    This happens when Auv3 app is added to BM3, in this case Zeeon.

  • Did your previous post just disappear ?

  • @winconway said:
    Did your previous post just disappear ?

    Yes it did.

  • I will check the logs when i get home.

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    I often get this crash. Without using any AUs. Deselecting «Show pads» crashed twice yesterday. Just a single bank with samples. I adjusted pad levels and then it crashed when exiting pad mix mode. I get this crash often, but I never manage to recreate it on purpose so I'm not sure if there is a pattern there.
    Trying to access deallocated memory? KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS.

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