Speaker Recommendation needed!

Guys, what do you think about this article and which one is better for you Boom 2 vs Boom 3? Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks

Boom 2 or Boom 3
  1. Which one is better?1 vote
    1. Boom 2
    2. Boom 3


  • Neither if you're into audio production.
    They may be good for listening to music as a customer
    but as a creator of beats/music I would recommend getting
    a pair of audio monitors such as the ones by
    Alesis/ Mackie/ Behringer (Yep, I said Behringer)
    within the same price range.
    There are quite a few within the $200 mark.
    They will give you decent stereo imaging, are active
    and will give you a far less coloured sound.
    Bluetooth is also notorious for latency (delay) when playing and recording.

    If you want portability then pick up a really cheap speaker
    to throw in your bag if you need to listen on the go
    and have really good speakers at home.

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  • Even with a stereo pair of these...they are not made for mixing and monitoring. While they can fill a room with sound they're really limited in what kind of sound they can reproduce. Frequency response only goes down to 90hz. And sound plays outwards in almost every direction which would reek havoc our your mix.

    All that said, in terms of a portable bluetooth speaker for your device these things are great. They're built well, water resistant, really long battery life, can stereo pair ...and then some, and probably sound better than 85% of the portable bluetooth speaker market. I have a Boom 2 . If the design on the Boom 3 was the same I'd consider one but overall it doesn't appear to be that much better .... not sure what the price difference is tho.

    You should check out the MiniRigs. Know a few mobile musicians who use them. Might be something to consider.

    Gravitas does have a point too though, if it's something that's gonna be mostly portable ...as in thrown in a bag or at the park/beach, might want to stick to cheaper speaker there and spend the real money on what you listen to at home.

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