Any way to get back accidentally deleted Sessions??

So fYI fam, don’t delete your Unsaved Sessions or the corresponding SAVED sessions will be deleted as well. Is there any way to undo this? This is a HUGE oversight and I’m pretty pissed right now. I deleted about 15 finished tracks.


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    How do you have saved sessions corresponding to unsaved sessions? Do you mean you start a session but never do a "save as" so your sessions all stayed in the unsaved sessions folder, just named for the start date like "Session Jan 17 2019"? Yeah, there's no recycle bin, no undelete, inside the app. You would be in luck if you did the deleting with the Files app, cuz there's a "recently deleted" trash bin you can access. Otherwise you're out of luck, unless you made a backup.

    Unsaved Sessions needs to go away, as has been mentioned on this forum many times. If you don't save it, it should disappear, or at least if you press Save, and not Save As, then your session should be automatically moved to the Sessions folder. Too many people (even if it's been just like 10, haven't seen that many reports like this, but 10 is enough) have done the same as you and relied on the stupid Unsaved Sessions functionality. Did you know if you saved an "unsaved session" you started today, and then you started another new session today and saved it the same way, you just overwrote your previous "Session Jan 17 2019"? Yep.

  • Actually, if you start a new session, do stuff in it, add tracks, patterns, recordings, whatever, and you never minimize B3, never switch apps, never lock the ipad, never pull an overlay (control center, dock), or anything else that triggers an autosave, and you tap the Save button, you are prompted to give your session a name, and your session will be saved into the Sessions folder. If you trigger an autosave at least once, then you will never be prompted to give your session a name unless you intentionally do a Save As.

    I think we need a big scary sticky on the forum until this whole Unsaved Sessions thing goes away or gets fixed majorly. Maybe should also post it up in the FB group every couple days to remind people. DATA LOSS WARNING: DON'T USE UNSAVED SESSIONS. The post would have more specifics inside, and of course a link to @winconway's good housekeeping videos.

  • Ahh I had no ideA, yeah all my dated sessions I guess are the “unsaved sessions” even though they’ve been saved 30 Ish times each LOL thanks for the confirmation

  • As a Buddhist this is a great lesson in impermanence, at least I had a lot of my good ones exported but I definitely 86d a few tracks I really loved and was about to put lyrics on. Que Sera Sera

  • I am a Boodiss punk, and i never lose sessions, go watch my good housekeeping for sessions video.
    Everything @ronji said is money shot.

  • @winconway said:
    I am a Boodiss punk, and i never lose sessions, go watch my good housekeeping for sessions video.
    Everything @ronji said is money shot.

    Good looking out, will do. I had a tickle in my brain that maybe I shouldnt delete the Unsaved Sessions but was stoked on cleaning out what I thought was just Autosaves and dross. I can add the deleted bangers to my cloud of romantic notions aka the probably 75 or so beats I have known and loved and lost. Thanks a bunch @winconway and @ronji

  • I just lost everything I have made. This is the worst day ever. FML why intua this needs to be fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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